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Smart Charging Stations

As gasoline prices continue to climb in the U.S. and Europe, the need for alternative energy for cars looms large. Electric mobility is becoming a market to be taken seriously. This sector refers primarily to vehicles that are driven by electric motor. Modern electric cars can reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas and, insofar as they are powered by regenerative energies, they can make a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ten years ago, anyone who thought about an electric car probably envisioned a small vehicle that achieved very limited mileage before the battery needed to be re-charged. Today, well-known manufacturers offer attractive vehicles that have an electric connection instead of a gasoline tank. These electric cars as well as hybrid vehicles which, in contrast to the electric motor also have a combustion engine, draw their electric energy from on-board rechargeable batteries. In order to re-charge the energy efficiently, drivers need automated, easy-to-operate charging stations that identify users, measure the electricity delivered, and bill the customer.


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