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Pike Research Predicts Plug-Ins Will Outsell Hybrids

John Gartner of Pike Research predicts that sales of plug-in vehicles will outpace hybrid vehicles by a substantial margin. More specifically, Gartner compares first-year sales of hybrids to plug-in vehicles and references the chart shown above, stating:

“The chart shows the actual sales figures for hybrid sales in the US from 2000 to 2006, compared with the actual sales of PEVs in 2011 and then Pike Research’s projected sales through 2017. As we can see in the chart, during the first full year of US sales of the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight 9,350 hybrids were sold, while PEV sales in 2011 were near double that. When you consider that PEVs cost much more than a hybrid and require significant changes in consumer education and behavior, the PEV launch can be viewed as a relative success. Lest we forget, the US light-duty vehicle market was actually smaller in 2011 (13.7 million) than it was during the 2000s, which makes the PEV launch that much more impressive.”


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