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Nissan Is Watching You — EV Charge Points Tracked and Shared

/Finding somewhere to plug in an electric car can be a little difficult. Several EV manufacturers have maps of EV charge points (as do we, for the U.S.), but keeping those maps updated as more stations are installed (and some places are perhaps lost) can be a little overwhelming. Nissan has a solution to this potential problem — Leaf drivers know where to plug in their cars, so Nissan is just asking them.

Nissan’s new service, which went online April 23rd, monitors approximately 13,000 Leafs (in Japan) and records exactly where the cars are plugged in. The data is then sorted and put online for other Leaf drivers to access. Nissan hopes that it will be able to double the number of charging stations currently available to its drivers while cutting down database update time by a third.
Share the Wealth (of EV Charge Points)

Nissan’s Leaf EV ICT (Information and Communication Technology) System is the part that records where drivers charge their cars. The information then goes to the Nissan CARWINGS Data Center where it is analyzed, and then fed back into the Leaf navigation system.
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