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Next Generation Electric Cars Around The Corner Promise Better Range

The world of electric cars is an exciting one where almost every week brings you a new chapter of this great adventure. With each new day, better ways of extracting more efficiency of a battery pack and an electric drivetrain is being discovered.

If automobile stagnated these past few decades, it has become exciting again and certainly has incited many a debate. Case in point, the electric Honda Fit is around the corner and promises 125 mile range on a depleted battery pack. That’s half more as the current crop of current EVs. As more and more concept make their way to car shows and prototypes are being tested, the next generation of electric cars, EV are promising more and more efficiency.

Records pour in as last November the modified Citroen Berlingo broke a world EV record by covering 621 miles over 17 hours. The coast to coast in the US has already been broken and still being tackled by more ingenuity for faster runs. Southern California Edison tested a few years back Johnson-Saft lithium-ion battery packs in its lab showing they could endure 200,000 miles “without any noticeable degradation”. I don’t know too many cars that can run 200,000 miles without noticeable degradation.


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