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In love with electric car

My wife and I owned a Dodge. It was costing $50 to fill it up, then $60, then $70, with no end in sight.

We traded it for an all-electric car. It uses no gas. None. We love it.

We have done the math and it takes about $5 to $7 in electricity to go the same distance as $70 took us in the Dodge.

When Defense Secretary Leon Panetta simply speculated that Israel would bomb Iran, traders drove up the price of gas. Just imagine what will happen if Israel actually does bomb the nuclear complex in Iran! It is estimated that gas will go to $10 per gallon. But I don’t care. I don’t care if it goes to $20 per gallon.

Electricity is regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission, and it limits the amount of power utilities are allowed to charge for electricity. No speculators.


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