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Europe/Japan: Gamesa and Toyota to nurture wind-EV synergies

Gamesa and Toyota Spain are joining forces in the field of energy-efficient mobility, signing a collaboration agreement to boost the use of electric vehicles in urban Spain. For six months the company will test the Toyota Prius Plug In to analyse its technology and the charging infrastructure needed to facilitate near-term mass rollout in Spain.

Toyota Spain is lending Gamesa a plug-in hybrid vehicle for a six-month period so it can test and verify the car’s technology, identify potential limiting factors and analyse its charging requirements in order to facilitate the mass market rollout of vehicles of this nature in Spain in the near term.

In a departure, Gamesa will test drive the Prius Plug In in an urban environment as well as at a wind farm.

During the pilot period, Gamesa will share the data compiled during the vehicle’s test drives regarding the car’s technology and energy saving performance with Toyota Spain in order to furnish information for the Movele initiative, coordinated by the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and savings (IDAE), of which Toyota is a member. This initiative is working on demonstrating the technical, energy and financial viability of this class of cars.

“These energy efficient cars with their reduced carbon footprints can and must contribute short and medium term to the energy saving and environmental protection imperative and to verifying the enormous synergies between wind energy and green mobility”, said David Mesonero, Gamesa’s Director of Corporate Development.

“Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle technology improves fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions, including carbon dioxide and those with an impact on air quality in our cities. The new Prius Plug-in Hybrid combines the benefits of an electric vehicle for short journeys -with zero emissions and zero fuel consumption- and the unlimited driving range of a hybrid vehicle with a petrol engine,” according to Jacques Pieraerts, President & CEO of Toyota Spain.
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