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Europe: Nissan LEAF Crash Tests: Official Video

It is truly amazing how much a person can learn in two minutes. The video link below is merely a detailed film of the Nissan Leaf being crash-tested. Sure, that sounds mundane, but watch closely and you see all sorts of things that we drivers take for granted. After the clip, you will have a new appreciation for how costly it is to do safety testing, and how meticulous the science is.

For starters, note the many sensors placed on the crash-test dummies’ bodies and on the car itself. Wherever there is the potential for movement, there’s a sensor. One of the neatest things about the film is the footage of the side-impact tests. The three-second shots we typically see on news shows about safety rarely discuss side collisions. At about the one minute point in the clip, you see the side crash simulation from outside and then from the interior camera. You will likely find yourself saying, “Air bags sure are a brilliant invention,” because they are, no doubt about it.

This footage is from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), which does in Europe what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does in the U.S. In fact, the Leaf was given the highest ranking that NCAP has, a five-star rating for safety. The car’s battery has special structural steel reinforcement to prevent accident damage. On top of that, Nissan provides a guide for first responders on how to manually disconnect all electrical systems when arriving on the scene.


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