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Europe: EV Battery Leasing Could Become Norm in Europe

The German EV scene is buzzing around Rudolf Krebs. He’s the Elektroauto-Chef at Volkswagen’s and he said last week that the company may think about leasing batteries on its forthcoming EVs. It sounds crazy to many people, like buying a gas car without buying its engine. But it’s quickly becoming the norm in Europe. Renault is the biggest player here, and it decided to set its own rules. To get the price of an EV close to that of a gas car, the company chose not to sell any electric car with the battery. Customers have no choice. If they want to buy an electric car from Renault, they must lease the battery. Renault says this makes the buyer feel secure, because he won’t experience any battery problems during the car’s lifetime. The driver doesn’t own the battery. Renault owns it and the manufacturer will replace it at its cost, if something goes wrong.

Mia Electric

But the main idea is to make EVs cheaper. There are now five electric cars available with a battery lease in Europe (though not in all countries). The monthly rent is supposed to be the price of filling up a gas car, but it varies with the contract’s length and the planned mileage. The shorter the contract, the more expensive the rent, and the smallest mileage will command the cheapest fee.

Here are 5 examples: The Renault Fluence ZE costs €25,690 to buy and €82 each month for the battery. The Renault Kangoo ZE (5-seater model), €22,000 and €72, the Smart electric, €19,000 and €70, the Mia electric, €20,828 and €49, the Citroen C-Zero (a Mitsubishi-twin) finally, costs €21,300 to buy and €80 each month.


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