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Cornell Dubilier – New snap-in and hybrid Li-ion cylindrical ultracapacitors (CDLC)

Latest from Cornell Dubilier is the Type CDLC, CarbonCap double-layer capacitor and Type CDHC hybrid ultracapacitor. The lineup of large cell cylindrical ultracapacitors spans 1200 to 3000 farads; snap-in style ultracapacitors from 100 to 600 farads and higher energy hybrid capacitors from 220 to 1000 farads.

CDHC Hybrid Capacitors are half ultracapacitor and half lithium ion battery. These hybrid capacitors store more than twice the energy of typical ultracapacitors and have high cycle life capability compared to batteries. Hybrid capacitors have more power than lithium ion batteries, but less energy storage. By comparison, ultracapacitors have a cycle life capability of a million cycles or more, batteries have a cycle life of around 1000 cycles and hybrid capacitors, more than 20,000 cycles. While the ultracapacitors have a usual working voltage range of 1.3V to 2.7V, hybrid capacitors operate from 1V to 2.3V. The higher energy of hybrid capacitors makes them especially suitable for use in LED lighting and emergency pulse applications, e.g. operation of electric doors and windows.

Type CDLC snap-in CarbonCap Ultracapacitor Cells are available with axial, M12 threaded mounting studs on both ends as well as additional mounting options. The new snap-in units are available in 2- and 4-pin versions and are well suited to applications such as wind turbine blade pitch control.


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