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China: Three-Wheel Electric Cars Gaining Popularity across China

Small three-wheel electric cars are becoming popular in densely populated cities across China, especially Beijing.

This is because owners don’t need a license to drive an electric vehicle, or EV, as it’s currently not classified as a car in China. And commuters can use the city’s bike lanes to dodge the notorious traffic congestions.

It’s a convenient mode of transport for many.

[Li Hongming, Teacher]:
“This kind of vehicle is smaller than a gas car. You don’t need to sit in traffic jams. It saves time, and it doesn’t need gas, which is quite expensive, so you can save money.”

The hooded three-wheel EV cruises at a maximum speed of about 19 miles an hour. It uses a removable battery that can be charged from a regular electrical socket at home.

EV retailers say sales are booming.


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