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Bring electric vehicles charging times down

Ingeteam showcases a charge point designed to bring electric car charging times down to just 20 minutes

Ingeteam has developed the technology required to implement electric vehicle rapid charging. The prototype unveiled in Madrid makes it possible to bring charging times down from 5 hours to just 20 minutes. These charging points are based on the CHAdeMO industrial standard and the first units are set to go on sale in early autumn.

DC rapid charging will make it possible to reduce charging times by more than 90%. For a run-time of 80 kms, it will take just 20 minutes to charge the electric cars compared to the 5 hours required for charging with the systems currently available.

These new systems are initially set to be installed in those places with a high density of traffic, and also in strategic locations, thereby promoting the increased use of electric vehicles by offering enhanced charging possibilities, for extended battery run-time.

This new model features a totally new design, representing a break with that of the two earlier models, the IngeRev® City and the IngeRev® Garage. This is due to the fact that the IngeRev® Road range is larger in size in order to incorporate the necessary power electronics circuits, an area in which Ingeteam is a global leader. The three phase AC input needs to be adapted and transformed into a DC output from the charge point to the vehicle.

Ingeteam has already sold more than 500 electric vehicle AC charging infrastructure units, which have been installed across Spain and abroad. And now 15 people are responsible for developing the technology required to create the charging stations of the future.


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