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USA:CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium 2012 – Register Now (update3)

The non-profit, all-volunteer 501c3 CAFE Foundation of Santa Rosa, California asks you to please disseminate the following announcement to your constituents interested in green transportation solutions, green jobs, STEM education and energy independence:

2012 CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium VI

The 6th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium on April 27, 28 in Santa Rosa, California convenes the pioneering scientists of the Age of Electric Flight in a graduate level Program on the core essentials for the rapidly growing frontier of emission-free, ultra-quiet flying machines. Presenters from Boeing, NASA, IBM, Aerovironment and leading universities will discuss quiet propellers, motors, batteries, high lift, ESTOL, charging and energy management, speed records, UAVs, electric LSAs, advanced flight decks, nano-tech structures, FAA licensure, design software, solar capture, hybrids, etc. At the special battery technology session on April 28, leaders of the world’s top 3 Lithium battery research laboratories will describe their 10X batteries. Attendees will enjoy immediate networking with the expert faculty plus choice of 3 Theme Dinners focused on Motors, Batteries or Aeronautics. CAFE’s future Green Flight Challenges will be unveiled, along with an exclusive electric flight demonstration at the CAFE Flight Test Center at STS. The meeting’s theme is a quote from “Back to the Future”: “Roads?, Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”


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