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USA: World’s first premium luxury electric car on sale in Bellevue

The Fisker Karma, the first premium luxury electric car on the market, will be sold in Bellevue by the O’Brien Auto Group, the largest auto dealer in the Pacific Northwest.

The showroom, where customers can view and test drive the car, is located at 10692 NE Eighth St. O’Brien has exclusive rights to sell and service the new line of cars in Washington state and has already set-up a new showroom in Bellevue that enables consumers to view and test drive them firsthand. The showroom, called Fisker of Bellevue, is located at 10692 N.E. 8th Street in Bellevue.

“The new line of Fisker cars enable us to offer an environmentally-friendly option while, at the same time, delivering on the need for luxury and high performance,” said O’Brien Auto Group Owner Michael O’Brien.

Each Fisker car is designed with a proprietary plug-in hybrid electric powertrain called EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) that consists of an efficient gasoline engine, an electric generator, a Lithium-ion battery pack, and two electric motors at the rear wheels.

The Karma sedan allows for two types of driving modes: a Stealth mode for relaxed and efficient all-electric driving and a Sport mode that combines power from both the gasoline-powered generator and battery to give the driver more aggressive acceleration and higher top speeds.


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