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USA: Why I Bought A Prius Plug-In, Not A Volt Or Leaf: A Reader’s Choice

Last month, Toyota said that it had 2,100 pre-orders for the 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid.

Now, with first sales of that car being logged this week and dozens of them delivered to dealers, we have a third viable, high-volume plug-in car available to U.S. buyers.

Consumers can now buy a pure battery electric vehicle (the Nissan Leaf), a range-extended electric (the Chevy Volt), or the first plug-in hybrid (the plug-in Prius).

Their EPA electric ranges are 73 miles for the Leaf, 35 miles for the Volt, and 11 miles for the Prius Plug-In. Each is priced between $32,500 and $40,000 before incentives.

Given all that, we’ll be very curious to see what the sales mix of these three plug-ins turns out to be–and how buyers evaluate each car against the other two.

One reader and early buyer of a Prius Plug-In Advanced model, Jim Bradbury of Rowlett, Texas, agreed to share his thoughts with us:

I test drove a Nissan Leaf, which is a little small. The range anxiety kept me from buying one. I liked its dash and the futuristic sounds.


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