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USA: Skeptical About The Chevy Volt? In CA, GM May Loan You One

There’s a saying that the best way to convince someone he wants an electric car is to let him drive one.

In light of lower-than-projected Chevrolet Volt sales and continuedmedia misinformation about the car’s capabilities, GM is taking that lesson to heart.

In Southern California, members of the GM communications team are running an informal program to loan out Volt plug-in cars for a few days or a week. They call it “Cars to People.”

As GM rep Shad Balch explained it, “The Chevy Volt is unlike any car on the road, so trying to explain how it works is a challenge.”

“On any given day, we encounter literally dozens of folks who either have an interest in–or a misunderstanding of–the Volt,” Balch said.

“You should see the reactions we get when we respond by handing them the keys.”

Those encounters come in many different ways, he said, from event sponsorships and speaking engagements to Volt owner meetups and consumer ride-and-drive events.



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