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USA: Qualcomm and Tesla: Making Electric Cars Viable

I was at Santana Row yesterday, a Silicon Valley shopping center designed to provide a European-like street experience and coincidently Tesla was showcasing their new lines. This was their new coupe and SUV and my wife took one look at the SUV and said “I found my new car” and my wallet let out a squeal and crawled down deeper in my pocket.

You see, I’m not a fan of electric cars because they are so impractical. However on Monday, Qualcomm presented their Halo technology that could make electric cars truly practical. Suddenly I’m interested and the combination of both days’ events suggests that electric cars could become far more practical.

Tesla: Electrical Cars Become Practical

My first experience with a Tesla was with their sports car and from the standpoint of being fun, there are few cars that are more so. However from the standpoint of being practical, there are few cars that are less practical either. What makes the car fun is the fastest 0-30 speed on the planet thanks to the electric’s ability to generate 100 percent torque from zero. If you want to dust someone at a stoplight you can do so without breaking most speed limits and it is very similar to the experience on a roller coaster.

On the other hand the car has no storage space, has no insulation to speak of (so road noise is pronounced), and it cost a whopping $120K. While range advertised at over 200 miles, this range dropped sharply the faster you drove and charging time was measured in hours not minutes and finding a place to charge the car is daunting at best.

Tesla’s new Sedan and SUV don’t quiet have the performance of the sports car but they are far more practical. They are quiet and roomy and the gull wing back doors of the SUV are breathtaking. Prices are in line with luxury cars and no long in the nose-bleed territory.

However while charging is shorter, it still is the biggest obstacle, which takes us to Qualcomm Halo.


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