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USA: PBS visits Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention, sheds light on DIY scene

Last September’s inaugural Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON) held by the EVTV guys was, by any measure, a resounding success that combined a higher-than-expected turnout (both of participants and cars) with a well-rounded itinerary of activities and discussions. Ironically, given that the organizers are in the business of making a weekly EV-focused web-tv program, the only thing missing in the aftermath was a video document of the event. No more.

David Kidd of WSIU, a PBS station affiliated with Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, was on hand filming the proceedings and the final result of his efforts has just been broadcast on the program In Focus and is now available on the Internet. The half-hour segment gives us a great look into both EVTV and the DIY EV conversion scene through the lens of the convention with lots of footage of the sweet rides and interviews with organizers and participants. We found it to be somewhat inspirational and, indeed, after watching it you might find yourself cogitating how you might breathe the spark of life into your own build.

EVCCON 2012, scheduled to start September 26th, is expected to be much bigger than the first and will again be held Cape Girardeau, MO. This time though, they’ve booked the 30,000 capacity Show Me Center and registrations are already being accepted at a (hugely) discounted price for earlybirds. Hit the jump for 30 excellent minutes of EV conversion convention action.



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