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USA: New York company pitches Solar Sail EV charging stations

A New York-based company is building electric-vehicle charging stations that include solar panels in Brooklyn and says it has sold its first, in central Texas.

Pvilion, which was founded last year, says it has installed one of its stations, called the Solar Sail, in Pflugerville, TX, just outside of Austin. The company says Solar Sail’s design allows the stations to be custom-built to a location’s specifications because Pvilion uses lightweight materials such as solar panels that are just 1/8th of an inch thick. Pvilion CEO Colin Touhey says the stations cost about $85,000 and is promoting them as a way for companies and municipalities to promote their environmentally-friendly efforts.

Solar-powered EV stations are considered the ultimate in green transportation because they allow an electric vehicle to be recharged using renewable energy. Last summer, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its publicly-accessible solar-powered charging station at its North American headquarters in California. That station, which was built with a system designed by Eaton and includes 96 175-watt photovoltaic modules, cost about $130,000 to build. SolarCity is another company working on this mission.



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