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USA: Motorists consider electric vehicles as petrol prices rise

With the average price of unleaded petrol soaring to 137.44p per litre, Charging Solutions says motorists are looking to electric cars as a viable solution to the hike in motoring bills.

Charging Solutions offer a complete range of electric car charging points, test equipment/accessories, innovative applications and much more.

James Jean-Louis is managing director of Charging Solutions, one of the UK’s fastest growing companies providing plug-in charging points and equipment across the UK for both commercial and domestic use.

He said: “The latest prices come as no surprise with petrol affected by oil prices, which have risen in recent months due to unrest in the Middle East. With no end in sight to this situation, and a 3p a litre rise in fuel duty planned for later this year, motorists are facing high petrol costs for the foreseeable future.

“Vehicle manufacturers have an eye on both the environmental impact of motoring as well as the increased costs and are launching an unprecedented number of new pure electric and plug-in vehicles into the UK market in the next year. Of course, these vehicles need charging points and we’ve seen a corresponding increase in the interest in our products in recent months.”



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