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USA: More AFV choices available to federal fleet buyers

The federal General Services Administration (GSA) has boosted the number of alternative-fuel vehicle (AFV) selections available to federal and military fleets through GSA’s online ordering and procurement system, AutoChoice. The number of AFV emerging technology offerings that federal fleet buyers and managers can choose from has increased from seven to 14.

Contracts for new emerging technology vehicles available through AutoChoice have been awarded to the following vendors:

Central Truck Center, Inc., Landover, Md. — electric utility truck, electric stake bed truck, and electric dump truck

Electric Vehicle International (EVI), Stockton, Calif. — electric utility vehicle, two electric walk-in vans (model is in photo), and an electric stake bed truck

K. Neal International Trucks, Inc., Hyattsville, Md. — eStar electric multi-stop van

RP Automotive, West Covina, Calif. — the Boulder EV electric truck

Some of the available vehicles that were already on GSA’s emerging technology list include the Mitsubishi iMiev, Nissan Leaf, Pure EV, GM Volt, Ford Focus BEV, the Azure Transit Connect and the Smith Electric Newton.



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