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USA: Joint SF BayLEAFs/EAA South Bay Chapters April

It may be a little early to start thinking about April, but I’ll bring it up anyway. Next month’s meeting is, as the subject line suggests, joint with two EAA chapters located in the South Bay. This will be a second chance to take a look at and drive the Coda Sedan that was on display at our meeting in San Francisco two weeks ago. As many of you know, Coda made its first owner delivery last Friday, with many SF BayLEAFs in attendance. The Del Grande Dealer Group is sponsoring this meeting, and will provide lunch to all who register—see the link below.

Thanks to member Don Gillis who arranged the meeting and the sponsorship by Del Grande.

Joint EAA and all Bay Area groups meeting
Location: Coda Dealership (DGDG) 4175 Stevens Creek Blvd in Santa Clara
Date/Time: April 14, 2012, 9:45 AM (meeting to 11:45, followed by lunch and test drives)
We have access to 8x L2 charging stations at this location
– IBM Reseach on Lithium Air Battery* – Dr.Winfried Wilcke
– H2H final planning – Paul, Don et al
– General topics of EV interest (rebates, Nissan feedback….) – Howard
– Sandwiches 11:45 (complements DGDG, we need signups to get attendee count**)
– noon – 12:30 DGDG presents the Coda to the group
– 12:30 test drives of the Coda
*Dr. Winfried W. Wilcke is Senior Manager for Nanoscale Science&Technology and Chair of the Almaden Institute for Energy Storage at the IBM Research Center in San Jose, CA. His recent personal research has been in advanced energy storage, leading him to launch the Battery 500 project. In 2001, he started the IBM Icecube project, which became an IBM spinout company. In 1991, he participated in forming HAL computer systems as Director of Architecture and later CTO. In 1983, he joined IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, where he played a key role in the creation of IBM’s line of large message-passing supercomputers. Dr. Wilcke received a PhD in nuclear physics (1976) and worked at the University of Rochester, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Los Alamos, resulting in over 120 publications.
Title: Lithium/Air Battery Technology and the Battery 500 Project
The talk will give a summary of the current status and scientific results of the IBM /Battery 500 Lithium/Air battery project.
Lithium/Air is a chemistry with the potential for very high specific energy density (Wh/kg). It relies on the use of oxygen (or ideally ambient air) to form a Lithium compound during discharge and the reduction of this compound to lithium metal and gaseous oxygen during recharge. Key results are that such batteries are rechargeable, provided the correct electrolytes are used; catalysts are not required, the origin of the overvoltages seen is most likely due to high I*R drop in Lithium Peroxide. Very high charge densities have already been measured, but power densities are still very low.
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