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USA: Iraq Veteran Joins Growing Army of Chevrolet Volt Owners

He loves the technology, roominess, quiet ride – and the $200 monthly gas savings

TOMS RIVER, N.J. – Bob Tanner isn’t the kind of guy who’d revel in someone else’s pain. But as fuel prices soar across the country, Tanner admits it feels good to pocket an extra $200 a month while his friends helplessly watch their fuel bills soar.

Tanner, who served twice in Iraq as a Marine, has recently joined a growing army of money-saving Chevrolet Volt owners who are turning friends and acquaintances into believers. Since trading in his old car for a Volt in December, Tanner has cut his monthly commuting costs by two-thirds: from $300 to under $100 by charging nightly. The savings will come in handy given that he and his wife, Melissa, are expecting their second son in May.

Tanner’s leased 2012 Volt is about to graduate from its own “boot camp” with high honors. Over his first 3,160 miles, he has averaged 94 miles per gallon of gas used. And the Volt’s quick acceleration has been extremely helpful when Tanner needs to merge onto New Jersey’s notoriously unforgiving freeways.

“I also love that when I’m in full electric mode, it’s so quiet – I call it my vehicular ninja,” Tanner said. “And the way the cockpit is set up; I feel as though I’m inside my own video game.”

But most of all, Tanner’s favorite aspect of his Volt, in Crystal Red Tintcoat, is the green he saves. While he has friends who drop more than $300 a month on gasoline, Tanner spends $50 a month on fuel and another $40 a month in electricity to recharge his Volt nightly.


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