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USA: Houston Electric Car Drivers Have a New Place to Power Up

Electric car drivers along the Katy Freeway now have a new place to charge their vehicles, and city officials hope there are many more to come.

Jimmy Sauers was the first person in Texas to take delivery of a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.

“Both my wife and I are engineers and so we were very meticulous about doing cost-benefit analysis.”

Sauers uses his Leaf to drive from his home in Seabrook to his job in downtown Houston. That’s about a 75-mile round trip. He charges his vehicle at home and on the road. So how much money have they saved?

“In 13 months, based on the miles I’ve driven, it’s been about $3,000 dollars.”

Sauers was one of the electric car drivers on hand for the unveiling of a new charging station at Memorial City Mall, just off I-10 at Gessner in west Houston. The charging station is operated by the eVgo company, a subsidiary of NRG Energy. Electric car drivers can use the station as much as they want for a monthly fee. They can add about 50 miles of range in a 15-minute charge. City of Houston Sustainability Director Laura Spanjian says the new station will be a huge benefit to drivers along the I-10 corridor


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