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USA: Here’s Why to Avoid Puncturing a Nissan LEAF Tire

Here’s a tale of a Nissan LEAF owner who experienced first-hand what type of damage puncturing a tire can do to his pocketbook and how his beloved LEAF was repaired.

LEAF owner James Billmaier recently “picked up a nail” in his rear tire and awoke the next morning to find the tire completely flat. LEAF should be aware that Nissan didn’t equip the electric hatchback with a spare tire. Rather, Nissan threw in an electric pump and tire sealant kit. The package, made by Continental, is referred to as a “MobilityKit” or a “ConvenienceKit.” Here’s Billmaier describing how it works:

“You stick the bottle of gunk onto the pump and then you plug the pump into your 12-volt outlet and in about a minute you are set to go. Once inflated with the official gunk, you are supposed to travel no more than 100 miles and at speeds below 50 miles per hour.”


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