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USA: Fisker teases long-awaited Project Nina ahead of New York Auto Show

A teaser sketch of Fisker’s Project Nina was released yesterday, the car is the first of a long-awaited line of plug-in hybrid electric cars, and the company has announced it will give the public “a glimpse of the future of” the company.

Yesterday, Fisker Automotive quietly released a teaser photo showing a line drawing of the long-awaited Fisker Nina plug-in hybrid electric car. No details were released about the car, instead this is the first piece of solid information released by the company about the Nina, however a full reveal is promised at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

Fisker Automotive is a startup automobile company launched by Henrik Fisker in 2007. The company’s focus is on luxury hybrid electric cars, and the company uses the “Extended Range Electric Vehicle” phrase, concocted GM’s marketing, to describe Fisker’s drive train choice. The company is currently selling its first car, the Fisker Karma, and has released bits of information about two concept cars, the Surf and the Sunset. No information has been released publicly, until now, about the Nina, other than its code name.


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