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USA: EV Update: From Stagecoaches to Fast Charging EVs

Oregon opened the first stretch of the West Coast ‘Electric Highway’, land marking the second busiest interstate highway in the US. This step in transportation evolution allows EV owners to fully charge in 20 minutes and travel from the California border to the Oregon city of Cottage Grove.

(PRWEB) March 28, 2012

Along the Interstate 5, in stations once used for stagecoach stops, EVs will use DC chargers to replenish their battery. The project designed to incentivise EV adoption is a big step in raising consumer acceptance and alleviating ‘range anxiety’. However, with EV sales widely missing the mark, the potential for generating revenue from these stations appears limited.

John Gartner from Pike research noted that such networks will highlight the possibilities of long distance travel in EVs. Conceding that EV drivers may not be likely take to the long distance trip in 2012, he affirms that “the existence of electric highways will reassure future EV owners that they won’t be left stranded when driving beyond the range of their vehicle’s batteries” (Pike Research).

The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Infrastructure 2012 Conference and Exhibition (April 18-19, San Diego, CA, USA) will see Nissan, Ford, ECOtality, 350 Green, San Diego Association of Governments, WSDOT, SDG&E and a host of key companies gather to discuss the technical, strategic and commercial solutions required to create a self-sustainable charging infrastructure.

EV Update has kept up with the latest announcements, partnership deals and market trends to ensure the conference provides the latest EV infrastructure business intelligence.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Infrastructure 2012 is set to be the best forum for networking and building business strategies in the commercial EV infrastructure sector this year. A host of OEMs, EVSEs and network providers, Government officials, utilities and Tier 1s will gather to discuss the strategies and innovations to drive a commercially viable charging infrastructure.



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