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USA: Electric vehicle chargers to be installed at toll oases

Before plugging in to one of the Toll road’s fast-chargers, drivers must purchase a payment card from 350 Green, The $21 card includes three 15-minute sessions at fast-charging stations.

Gov. Pat Quinn unveiled an initiative to put fast-charge stations for electric vehicle at Illinois Tollway oases.

Quinn, along with representatives from the Illinois Tollway, 350 Green LLC and 7-Eleven, Inc., unveiled the plan to put sites at four locations, with a goal to have stations at all seven tollway oases. Motorists can charge an electric vehicle in under 30 minutes using the current fast-chargers at the 7-Eleven in the oasis.


“We want Illinois to be the greenest state in America,” Quinn said. “By installing the largest network of cutting edge fast-chargers, Illinois will continue to support green jobs and provide people with environmentally-friendly and affordable travel options.”

Through the Chicago-area EV Infrastructure Project, 26 fast-chargers have been installed, with 73 total fast-chargers planned. Eight of these are currently in place at oases along the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway at the Des Plaines Oasis and on the Tri-State Tollway at the Lake Forest Oasis, O’Hare Oasis and Chicago Southland Lincoln Oasis.


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