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USA: Electric cars work well for most driving

A recent Statesman Journal online poll asked whether state and federal efforts to make electric recharging stations widespread would encourage readers to buy an electric car. In fact, it already has.

I was originally planning on buying a Chevy Volt, but when I found out the Nissan Leaf had a fast-charge capability and that the infrastructure was being put into place to support it, I quickly changed my mind.

This was vindicated recently when I drove my Leaf from Corvallis to California (just) and back for the opening of the first segment of the West Coast Electric Highway. It does make for a slower trip, but it’s completely practical as the infrastructure gets rolled out.

We are still in the early days, and cross-country driving is still for those with a pioneering spirit; but any household with more than one car has no excuse for one of them not to be an electric vehicle. Modern ones are more than adequate for the daily local driving that 90 percent of most people’s driving consists of.
Alan Batie


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