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USA: Electric Car Charging Stations Could be Installed Downtown by This Summer

Part of federal plan to put more rechargeable vehicles on American streets

Imagine parking downtown and having your car recharge while you run errands or go out to dinner.

Recharge stations for plug-in hybrids and other electric vehicles are already popping up all over the country and may soon come to Petaluma.

On Monday, the city council will vote on a plan to install four charging stations in downtown Petaluma—three at the Keller Street Garage across from Petaluma Market and one “fast charge” station at the Petaluma Visitors’ Center on Lakeville Street.

If approved, the chargers would go in as soon as this summer and cost $1,900 per station to maintain each year. The installation costs would be covered under a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Drivers would be able to pay for the clean energy by using a subscription or credit card, although it’s unlikely that they would get a full charge, which takes about six to eight hours for most electric vehicles.
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