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USA: Eco What? 2012 Ford F-750 Shown With Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain

Here’s a totally different take on plug-in hybrid technology: at the National Truck Equipment Association show, Odyne Systems displayed a 2012 Ford F-750 truck equipped with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Although it is still an electric hybrid, this Ford F-750 isn’t anything like typical eco-minded hybrids with which you may be familiar. The truck shown here, for instance, weighs more than eight Chevrolet Volts combined.

Odyne’s plug-in system fits lithium ion battery packs in 14- or 28-kWh capacities, as well as an electric motor/generator. The electric motor can provide up to 50 hp of additional power during acceleration, and later recapture energy during regenerative braking. Not only can the system improve the acceleration of giant trucks like the Ford F-750, it also can save as much as 1750 gallons of fuel annually in typical truck applications.



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