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USA: E-vehicle backers call for incentives

THE GOVERNMENT must catch up with electric vehicle developments by lifting the tax burden on investments in the green transport sector, industry leaders yesterday said.

Government policies and programs, said speakers at a conference organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), are also key to spurring consumers and public transport operators to convert from fossil fuel-powered vehicles, which in turn will cut down carbon emissions.

“The government is two steps behind in helping the electric vehicles sector … What we need from the government is a serious partnership,” said Yuri P. Sarmiento, E-Jeepney Transport Corp. CEO.

He cited the lack of support infrastructure, inadequate policies, manufacturing constraints, and low social acceptance as barriers to the growth of the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) sector.

The government, Mr. Sarmiento said, can help by supporting a bill designed to give incentives to both electric vehicle makers and owners.

“We are not asking for the government to subsidize the cost of the electric vehicles,” he said.

Senate Bill 2856 is seen to bring down the cost of electric jeepneys, for example, by at least 20% by offering nine-year excise tax and duty exemptions to AFV assemblers and parts producers as well as importers of completely built AFVs.


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