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USA: Cutting the cord for electric cars

MORRISVILLE Will the electric car recharger be the next technology to go wireless?

That’s the question posed by Evatran, a Morrisville startup that has created a “plugless” charging station to juice up plug-in electric cars. The company’s founders – and funders – are betting that cutting the cord will be the next advance for electric cars, building on the same concept that has untethered telephones and computers from the tyranny of wall jacks.

Evatran represents one of several efforts in academia and industry to develop wireless recharging on the theory that handling dust-caked, mud-stained, rain-soaked cables will prove to be a major impediment to mass adoption of the electric car. Evatran’s approach allows an electric vehicle equipped with its device to recharge by parking over a recharging pad mounted on the ground.

The concept is intriguing enough to encourage Duke Energy, Google, Clemson University, Hertz Rent A Car and others to test Evatran’s product this spring in anticipation of 2,000 Evatran units being sold this year


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