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USA: County makes it easier to stroll electric avenue

What began as a big-city phenomenon is now starting to be seen all across Charles County.

In 2010, the initiative to install electric vehicle charging stations began to take root in Charles County. The Baltimore Electric Vehicle Initiative was looking for supporters in the state for a grant of roughly $1 million and received $360,000 to deploy 50 electric vehicle charging stations around the state.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Waldorf was the first spot stations were placed in keeping with the company’s corporate image. The stations went in around the middle of 2010.

The Charles County Technology Council worked with the Charles County commissioners to educate them on the value of adding stations, and during the process The Prime Street Grille became the second location, and the first restaurant in the county, to make electric vehicle charging stations available for patrons.

The White Plains restaurant also is considering the possibility of adding an electric vehicle for catering, and since it already uses other sustainable practices in the operation of the business, the charging stations seemed to be a natural addition.


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