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USA: Broad coalition shows electric cars can bring relief at pump

With gasoline prices already exceeding $4 gallon in some parts of the country, American drivers need more than ever choices to relieve their pain at the pump. One of these most promising solutions is the electric car which has the potential to deliver the equivalent of $1 gallon for the life of the car.

But ensuring that every American can have this choice is far from ensured.

The policy road map is clear, thanks to the new Center for Climate and Energy Solutions’ Action Plan to Integrate Plug-in Electric Vehicles with the U.S. Electric Grid.

Unfortunately, the political road map is not as clear with ideologues in Congress unfairly attacking electric cars like the Chevy Volt, questioning government support for clean energy manufacturing and working to undermine the historic proposed 54.5 mpg standards.

But by working together on implementing the Action Plan, we can ensure opponents of electric cars do not succeed in holding us back from moving beyond oil.


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