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USA: Botanic Garden Installs EV Charging Station

The First Station in the County Installed through the EV Project Set to Open This Friday

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, County of Santa Barbara, the Community Environmental Council, and ECOtality announce one of the first public charging stations on the South Coast, with many more arriving soon throughout Santa Barbara County.


Salud Carbajal, 1st District Supervisor of Santa Barbara County is poised to cut the ribbon on the first public electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed through the EV Project in Santa Barbara County on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, 1212 Mission Canyon Road in Santa Barbara. This is the first of dozens of EV charging stations being installed throughout Santa Barbara County through the EV Project, and the public is invited to attend the ceremony. Early-adopters of electric vehicles are welcome to “charge-up at the Garden”.

“The Garden’s mission is not only to foster conservation, but also to serve as a role model for sustainable practice,” said SBBG’s Executive Director, Dr. Steve Windhager. “We are pleased to be among the first locations in Santa Barbara to offer an EV charging station for the use of our community. Supporting this national program is completely in-line with our mission and we are happy to be an early participant.”

Supervisor Salud Cabajal added, “Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has a long history of promoting environmental sustainability and stewardship. Their foresight and leadership in establishing an electric vehicle charging station will help move Santa Barbara County into the next era of a clean energy transportation infrastructure.”


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