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USA: BERCshop: Electric Vehicles: Off the Pump, On the Plug

Panel discussion focused on challenges and opportunities associated with vehicle electrification and the role California is playing as a market and infrastructure leader in the EV sector.

Panelists Include:
Max Baumhefner: Attorney/Sustainable Energy Fellow, Natural Resources Defense Council
Adam Langton: Energy Regulatory Analyst at California Public Utilities Commission
Amine Mahmassani: Vehicles Analyst/Engineer at Union for Concerned Scientists
Forrest North: Founder and CEO of Xatori (maker of PlugShare and GreenCharge apps)

Moderated by Professor Steven Weissman, Director of the Energy Program, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment.
Located in Boalt Room 105 at 5:30 pm

Sponsored by BERC@Boalt, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE), Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT)


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