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USA: 30 electronic vehicle charging stations to be installed in Mass.

(NECN: Melissa Toupin, Auburn, Mass.) – The newest electronic vehicle charging station in central Massachusetts is being installed in Auburn.
“Offers new options for customers to take advantage of an alternative fuel instead of gas/diesel,” said National Grid’s John Gilbrook.

He said it’s one of 30 charging stations going up across the state, including eight in Worcester and 10 throughout central Massachusetts.

Gilbrook said the program is sponsored by a grant from the federal government, meaning the charging stations are provided at no cost to participating cities.

Once in use, they’re easy to operate.

“Once you unlock it, plug it into the vehicle and it’s ready to go,” said Kevin Glaude with DK Power Inc.

The utility is anticipating an April launch date for the stations.

Clark University in Worcester is host to two of them.

Chris Noonon of the Institute for Energy and Sustainability said the use might be slow to start.

According to the Department of Transportation, only a dozen Worcester drivers currently own electronic vehicles.

“Electronic vehicles were officially released into Massachusetts market in January of 2012 by Chevy Volt/Nissan Leaf, the two largest distributers of electric vehicles” said Noonan.


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