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USA: 2012 Tesla Model S Electric Sedan: Industry Analyst Weighs In

After a flurry of press events last October that included rides in 2012 Tesla Model S prototypes, Tesla Motors went mostly silent until it unveiled its Model X crossover last month.

But the electric crossover won’t generate any cash for the Silicon Valley startup carmaker over the next year or two. That role belongs to the Model S sedan.

Tesla is working intensively on getting its all-electric luxury sport sedan finalized and ready for production, it says, with deliveries to paying customers sometime during the second half of this year.

So now that the Model X design has been revealed, it’s a good time to return to the Model S sedan and assess both its prospects and those for Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] as a whole.

We turned to respected industry analyst Aaron Bragman, of IHS Automotive, for an evaluation of the company’s current and long-term prospects.

We asked him five questions.

(1) Is the 2012 Tesla Model S for real?

Yes. I’ve seen the prototypes, the production line, the tools, and the plant. Tesla is nearly ready to start production; it will build the Model S, and in 2012 too.

But several factors remain that work against the company, not the least of which is a major competitive disadvantage against efforts being made by major automakers, despite the massive influx of cash that Tesla has enjoyed.



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