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UK: So what’s all the buzz?

REPORTER Matthew Young took the brand new electric car model, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, for a test drive from Grosvenor Garage in St James’ Road.

“MY INITIAL impression of the i-MiEV, aside from the fact it was the first time I’d driven an automatic car, was there was something a little space-aged about it.

“Its deathly silence means when the revs are on the way up or down, there’s a very pleasant humming sound which briefly accompanies you – a bit like when the doors to Marty McFly’s Delorean in Back To The Future open up – though nowhere near as loud, or dramatic.

“It was an enjoyable drive, and perfect to weave in and out of the endless nooks and crannies Tunbridge Wells’s bustling and frustrating road network has to offer.

“It’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre and has an impressive burst of speed to get you out of tight spots – and I found it was equally at home on the A21, despite being made as a town car.

“It has its quirks, too, including a touch-screen radio system and in-built sat-nav, which also doubles up as a DVD player – something even Dr Emmett Brown would be proud of.


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