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UK: Life with Nissan LEAF

When asked about the new Nissan LEAF, which he had just spent the week test-driving, Paul Neville admits, “I was a tad sceptical about swapping my regular estate car for something electric-powered.”

As the MD of a company that coaches executives, Paul often works at different locations each day, so he has to have a car he can rely on.

“Once I got behind the wheel I was really surprised,” says Paul. “One of the first things I noticed, actually, was how quiet it was. When I pushed the start button there was none of the typical engine noise that I’m used to with my ‘normal’ car, no vibrations and of none of the usual petrol smell wafting through the vents while the engine warms up.”

It may be quieter and cleaner than your usual petrol or diesel motor, but the Nissan LEAF’s lightweight lithium ion battery’s performance is equivalent to a “regular” 2.5-litre V6 petrol engine with a top speed around 90mph.



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