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UK: Bid to boost electric vehicle use

The Scottish Government is teaming up with industry leaders and environmental campaigners in a new drive to get more electric cars on the roads.

Transport Minister Keith Brown has launched the E-Cosse partnership which brings together government body Transport Scotland with car manufacturers, power companies, local councils and environmental charity WWF Scotland.

Mr Brown said the new group would “develop a shared vision and set future priorities to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in Scotland”.

E-Cosse will promote the benefits of electric vehicles, which can be cheap to run and are exempt from road tax, to a wider audience. Electric vehicles also help reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and cut noise pollution.

Over the past two years the Scottish Government has spent £8 million to allow the purchase of 270 greener vehicles.

An existing scheme, Plugged-In Places Scotland which installs vehicle charging points, has been expanded from covering its original target area of the central belt to take in all of Scotland. It has put in charging points in households, workplaces and public places, with 74 installed in 2010-11, 240 in 2011-12 and a further 170 planned for 2012-13.


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