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The BMW Volt?

Discussions about the similarities between the GM Volt and the BMW i8 have started to make their way to the discussion table. Rightfully so since Volt program leader Frank Weber left for Munich to head BMWi drive train development under Dr Klaus Draeger in April 2011. However, the timelines and technology between the 2 cars are very different but were developed together.

A little digging on the internet would have explained that BMW and GM could be working together and subsequently not be stepping on each others technologies.

The GM developed Voltec (E-flex platform) debut in production form in September of 2008 under the charge of Frank Weber. But GM didn’t develop the Voltec platform alone. GM shared development with BMW and Daimler/Chrysler for obvious reasons of keeping costs down. GM first partnered with Daimler/Chrysler in 2004 with the hopes of developing an advanced hybrid system that would compete with the likes of Toyota while giving them the ability to use this technology in trucks, SUVs and large cars. BMW joined this partnership in 2005 and the three companies opened The Hybrid Development center in Troy, MI.



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