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Taiwan: TD Hi-tech Energy Aims to Ship 200,000 Lithium Batteries for E-bikes This Year

Taipei, March 5, 2012 (CENS)–Tapping the supply chain of Mercedes-Benz’s Smart electric bicycles, along with partnership with European e-bike vendors, the Taiwan-based TD High-tech Energy Inc., a supplier of battery management systems (BMS), will challenge shipment of 200,000 lithium batteries specifically for e-bikes this year.

In addition to Mercedes-Benz, TD Hi-tech Energy has also been contracted by Spanish BH and Swiss Stromer to supply lithium batter modules for use in electric bicycles. For the moment, 95% of the company’s battery modules for electric vehicles are used in e-bikes and the remainder in electric motorcycles and scooters.

With 95% of its e-bike batteries going to Europe alone, the company explained that local consumers there widely use bicycles for transport, recreation and sport, some of whom are even willing to pay for high-priced but eco-friendly e-bikes. For instance, an e-bike mode launched by its customer Stromer and priced at CSF4,999 has proven a hot-seller.

The Taiwanese company furthered that market demand for e-bikes in Europe reached an estimate of one million units last year, and is very likely to grow further this year. This gives the company a good reason to see its full-year shipment of e-bike battery modules total 200,000 units this year.


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