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Nissan answering questions about Nissan Leaf on Facebook

Nissan’s new series of videos, over the next three weeks, covers the basic questions about the Nissan Leaf coming from the little experience most have with electric cars.

It’s the modern era social networking websites like Facebook, and on the Nissan LEAF Facebook fan page is the first in a series of video’s answering questions about the Nissan LEAF. The video features Mark Perry, Nissan’s Director of Product Planning, whose responsibilities include the Nissan LEAF, answering questions about that car.

if the modern measure of popularity is how many fans your Facebook page has, the Nissan LEAF, with its 165,932 fans, is in good company. For comparison, the official Nissan Versa page has only 68,959 fans, and the official Chevy Cruze page has only 111,262 fans.

As a first video in a series, the questions are pretty basic, so let’s go over and evaluate their questions and answers:

How does the Nissan Leaf differ from a regular internal combustion engine car: Perry explains that the Leaf is “all about zero emissions”, the car is “pure battery electricity, no gasoline, no oil on board, not even a tailpipe.” The LEAF runs “purely on battery power” and “you get about 100 miles of range on a single charge.” However, this is asterisked with the statement that the 100 mile range is based on the US EPA LA4 Test Cycle, which has a duration of 11 miles and an average speed of 20 miles/hr.


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