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Japan: Planet Subaru showing a solar powered electric Subaru Tribeca on April

The dream of solar powered electric cars may finally be here, says Planet Subaru in Hanover MA, whose news release dated April 1, 2012, describes a prototype electric Subaru Tribeca with solar panels on the roof for completely emissions free driving.

One of the dreams in electric cars is tying a clean electric car with cleanly produced electricity such as from a solar panel. Some people take the idea and plant solar panels on the roof of their house but others add them to the vehicle attempting to directly drive the vehicle using solar panels. A solar powered vehicle could only drive during the daytime, so would require a battery pack to store energy for night-time driving, but that didn’t stop a Subaru dealership, Planet Subaru in Hanover MA, from building a prototype solar electric SUV using a Subaru Tribeca the dealership had converted to electric drive. The dealership had previously put solar panels on the roof of the dealership building, becoming the only Subaru show-room in the world to be fully solar powered. In dealings with various solar panel manufacturers the dealership found a brand of panels that, through various techniques, supposedly had “the solar collecting power of approximately five hundred conventional solar panels.”

One of the companies Planet Subaru found had developed solar panels with multiple thin layers, each absorbing a different light frequency. That, and the tiny fresnel lenses to collect more solar energy, is what makes the panels so efficient at collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity.


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