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EV Safety Facts You Need to Know

Aside from a lot of the media hype, there really is much to know about electric vehicle safety. While the short, but highly informative, video link below specifically addresses the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the data applies to most every electric car on the market today. As you will hear the narrator mention, most drivers have two primary questions about EV safety, and those pertain to charging during a rainstorm and driving on flooded roads.

While traversing roads with anything more than a couple inches of water is not advised for any drivers, those who own EVs have no more to worry about than operators of combustion engines do. In fact, the battery packs on modern electric vehicles are sealed in such a way that water will be unable to enter any of the component parts. Yes, in deep water your engine might fail for a variety of reason, but there will be no safety hazard just because you are driving an EV.


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