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EV reality sets in as consumers favor fuel-efficient vehicles

For many years, major auto shows attendees could count on seeing new hybrid or electric vehicles being heavily marketed.

Nevertheless, the automotive economy hasn’t exactly been kind to electric vehicles and hybrids over the last few years, with sales waning despite government incentives. And just last week, General Motors suspended production of the Chevrolet Volt due to an excess availability on the market and slow sales.

The crux of the matter? It is often very difficult to justify the higher cost of high-tech EVs and hybrids compared to the new breed of fuel-efficient small cars.

Indeed, highly efficient small cars such as the Ford Focus and a Chevrolet Cruz Eco are frequently capable of matching the fuel economy offered by much more expensive hybrids.

At the same time, drivers who opt for traditional vehicles don’t have to worry about driving range as they would with an electric vehicle.

With consumers staying away from EVs and hybrids, major automakers around the world are putting less and less of an emphasis on promoting vehicles that aren’t selling.

“[Truthfully], reality is phasing in,” Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of the management board of Audi and the German automaker’s head of marketing, told the The New York Times. “There are still more questions than answers.”


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