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Europe: Renault Zoe Electric Vehicles

Renault ZOE is undoubtedly one of the most significant electric cars with lithium ion batteries at this year’s Geneva Motor Show: the first mass-market electric car capable of such a distance between charges.

The reason? It brings electric vehicles closer to the mass market by being seriously affordable. The compact hatchback, purpose designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle, is being shown at Geneva in its final production form prior to sales starting in the autumn. In France, prices will start at just €15,700.

As well as being truly innovative, it’s also one of the most usable electric cars yet created, with a range of 210km (NEDC)… the first mass-market electric car capable of such a distance between charges.

More than 60 patents have been filed for aspects of its design and it boasts six brand new features, the most significant of which is the unique Range OptimiZEr, technology designed to improve its real-world range under all driving conditions.

The system combines three key innovations (new-generation regenerative braking, a heat pump and MICHELIN EnergyTM E-V tyres) that enhance ZOE’s real-world range by up to 25 per cent and significantly reduce range variability.


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