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Europe: BMW: We’ve Been Making Electric Cars Since The 1972 Olympics

BMW might be more than a year away from bring its first production electric car — the 2014 BMW i3 — to production, but the German automaker wants you to know that it isn’t new to electric cars.

You may not know it, but BMW’s electric car history spans 40 years.

As part of its preparations for providing all-electric ActiveE and Mini E cars to the 2012 London Olympics, BMW is keen to share its electric car heritage with a short trip down memory lane.

It can’t claim to be as prolific an electric automaker as Volkswagen, nor can BMW’s i brand trace its heritage as far back as Nissan, but at least it can prove 2012 isn’t the first time it has provided electric cars to the Olympics.

As Autobloggreen explains, BMW converted a 1972 BMW 1602 sports sedan to all-electric drive for the 1972 Munich Olympic games.


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