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Europe: Audi Reveals Plans for Seven New Technologies

Audi continues to be at the forefront in using latest automotive technology. When Audi recently revealed the R18 Ultra and the R18 e-tron Quattro LMP1 prototypes, the occasion was also used to present a number of forward-looking technologies. According to AutoBlog, details on seven technologies were given, many of which are still in the stages of early development and others will be seen on their vehicles in the coming years. The new technologies include everything from lightening the vehicles to the new infotainment concepts.

Wireless Charging: The brand is working on wireless inductive charging together with Boston-based WiTricity. The primary coil is placed on top of or under the parking surface while the secondary coil is installed on the underbody of the car. The car can be parked directly over the primary coil and the battery can be charged wherever the infrastructure is installed.

Garage Parking Pilot: The addition of a parking space finder helps locate nearby spaces and garages. On arrival of vehicle at the entrance, local wireless networks detect it and the car by itself will be autonomously piloted directly to its space.

OLED Technology: Audi plans to use OLEDs in almost everything from side markers to interior lights and could even provide driver’s following another car, information about the speed of that vehicle


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